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Wish Promo Codes August 2019

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Wish Promo Codes August 2019

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Style doesn’t have to be expensive. Wish is a mobile shopping app that lets you shop over 100 million high-quality items at 60-90% off!

HOW IS WISH SO AFFORDABLE? Wish connects shoppers directly to over 1 million merchants, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the mall.

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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We take your security seriously and process your purchases securely.

JOIN 300 MILLION USERS Over 300 million people use Wish to shop affordable goods. So skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on Wish.

REVIEWS, VIDEOS & PHOTOS Read through customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos of their purchases to find the best deals.

TRACKING Track your purchases.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have questions about your order, reach our customer service easily through the app. Our customer service responds quickly.

30-DAY RETURN POLICY Plus, if it’s not perfect, we have a 30-day return policy.

SAVE ON BRANDS We now offer brands at affordable prices on Wish Outlet. Find discounted Apple, Samsonite, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Sperry and more!

5-7 DAY SHIPPING Get faster shipping with Wish Express! Items with the Wish Express truck icon arrive at your door in 5-7 days.

SAVE BIGGER Spin Blitz Buy to win more savings. When you spin Blitz Buy, you win access to extra discounts.

EARN REWARDS Collect points with each purchase and redeem them for reward coupons.

60-90% OFF THESE CATEGORIES Find discounts on trendy fashion, shoes, gadgets, kitchen tools, home goods, kids items, beauty, jewelry, watches, accessories, and more.

SKIP THE MALL, SHOP ON YOUR PHONE FOR.... Trendy womens fashion: dresses, jackets, bottoms, tops, sweaters, athleisure, swimwear, lingerie...

Quality mens fashion: jackets, sweaters, jeans, shirts, button-up tops, workout wear, underwear...

Accessories: hats, socks, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, gym bags, travel bags, purses, backpacks...

Electronics: fitness trackers, cameras, drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets...

Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation...

Shoes: sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels...

Home Goods: kitchen tools, cookware, knives, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture...

Kids: clothes, toys, school supplies, baby gear...

Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes, women’s athleisure...

Auto: organizers, cleaners, phone chargers...

WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.
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i love your styles and the prices are Awesome except your you lied about the prices you made it look like the price were cheap but they were not you want know until you get ready to Check out and their prices are way more than what you have added up and thats miss leading the people andu cant get your money back and theres no way to get in touch with the them so Im warning you do download this app hey Im not enjoying a dam thang getting ready to send back your packages.


I made the mistake of showing this app to my cousin and he tried ordering stuff he has yet to recieve. He has asked for his money back and they say they are giving him a refund, but he has yet to recieve that. Tried calling customer service and no one ever answers, always the recorded stuff that goes no where. shame on you google for allowing such an app on your playstore. I got your reply Wish. If you only do customer support through the app, then why do you have a customer support phone number


lets just say i made a wish when i was a young boy. i never thought that it would come true. i know now that almost anything you wished of having has a price and most likely at a click of your finger. thanx wish app for all the super fricken awsome loot .


50/50, I personally have never oderd anything from here, but I have many friends that have, bout half say they got what they orderd and it was all good, the othr half said it simplly didnt show up, or "It wasnt what the picture showed", for example; a Mask, was supposed to b hard plastic and lit up in colors, then got some rubbr mask that had no lights


This is a great app with loads of items that are fun to browse through. Ive bought several items over the last couple of years and havent ever been disappointed. As long as you have some patience with shipping you can get some killer deals for quality stuff.


worst experience, though deals were nice they offer delievery charges nearly equal to half of the product price. ive this app for more than 3-4 days and still i didnt buy anything because of this high delivery charges. i mean why to show low prices for the product when you are gonna take more from delivery charges.


prices are great yet sometimes you dont always get what you order it may be slightly different than what you ordered not as good but for the most part everything I get its worth the money. they have just about any and everything you could think of just be careful if you order something that is 14 karat gold because it isnt. wish is always great at making good any product youre not happy with.


Faster and easier than browser but I accidently bought something. When it said you will have a discount if you buy within the hour.i did that them slid pay I thought it was going to go to showing how much it will be but no it said I bought it. Oh well still happy with what I bought.


I like wish for the cheap prices. The quality of the goods depends on what you purchase. I think everything is different. You have to be prepared for a long wait for delivery two weeks plus. Amazing amount of variety in whats for offer on the App.


it has great stuff in it the things that you wont even think you would find in a shop and its cheap but the only catch is it takes ages for two sometimes to stuff to come but anything else its f*** a brilliant


The app has lots of items but read the details so u dont see a picture then get a wired item thinking it was something else. Also expect at least a month out on delivery and you might just be surprised. If a item doesnt come in make sure to contact customer care because they can only refund the the money within a small window of time otherwise you get screwed. I have order lots of stuff and have only got taken advantage of once out of all my orders.


so much to choose from. most quality products. Has shipped products quickly. Guarentees shipping and product quality. Can shop very easily from my Android device. Payment is fast and accurate. No scams, No fraud. Have been using this app for several years now.


Turns out I cant wait 15 days for delivery. Can you not get a warehouse or two a bit closer? Im too excited! Hurry up. Tracking texts are rubbish and delivery dates put back randomly - on the expected delivery day. Everything else seems marvelous. Super low prices. Sort it out! I want to buy more.


I have not had problems with wish, however you must remember you are dealing with China, you need to understand they do things different from the U.S. The things they offer are good for the price, and always read what you are getting.


well this will be my second order that I have made within minutes of each other, so Im hoping that all you others that have written reviews stating that "my stuff came from wish, earlier than to be expected." I hope thats what I can write in my review that Ill do, after I receive the first few orders. -thankz Amanda Lovell right here in the southeast part of Idaho. .so I hope they find my front door soon with my packages from WISH very soon!!


I was a member for several years and enjoyed shopping at Wish. When my phone broke I was unable to get to the site. They continue to insist that my Email or password is wrong, and I have had the same one for years. I cant even get back in, and I have been a loyal customer for years.


its a great app. somewhat addictive! Great prices and good quality on most items. Im very impressed with it! I can leave my home often so its easy to use and has such a variety of items as well. search just about anything and u can find it on Wish!


Ive tried NUMEROUS of times to log into my account, and gives me an error saying they had a problem AUTHENTICATING my account after I been using Wish for YEARS! Wrote to wish support NOTHING but repeated messages. Tried to reset my password and I dont get any link on my email. Tried spam junk, u name it. I have Wish cash in my account. How convenient 4them to lock me out! ???


I like the app. its good for buying stuff cheaply, but shipping costs can quickly add up if you buy multiple items, even from the same place. My only real complaint is that it takes forever for items to get to you. I suppose thats to be expected, since it comes from China. But, dont order anything you need quickly.


use to be great. customer service was good not anymore. When you have issues with purchase, product yoy might as well talk to a brick wall because you will get no where. stick with Walmart or Amazon its pretty much worth it.