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Online shopping with the app! Find. Shop. Save. Easy! Shop online for millions of products • Order, transfer, and track Rx prescriptions and refills with Walmart Pharmacy. • Order wall art, blankets, posters, and cards with Walmart Photo Print. • See and then shop available items. With Store Maps/Item Finder, we’ll show you exactly where to find the best location to buy your items at the store. • Even create and share your Baby Registry with the Walmart Registry feature. Shop online hassle-free • Free shipping with no membership fee! Look no further for other shopping stores, get millions of items delivered in as little as two days. Details below*. • Online shopping at your convenience. Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. Savings just a few taps away • Use the Walmart shopping app to save more dollars by finding general sales, the best deals, weekly ads, and store specials. • Pay in store safe, secure, and fast with Walmart Pay. •Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. Save money. Live better. Download the Walmart shopping app today. *Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within two business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35.

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it sucks I only out 5 star so it can go noticed. everything you want to use it forces you to use your email and password in front of everyone no privacy and if you want to use Walmart pay forget it its a maze with those I am not a robot pick images and you never get them right no matter what. Yea this sucks ass.


The app doesnt give the price of in store only items on look up in the app. For those wanting to budget, its very helpful to know what prices are before you go to the store.


my recent experience with the app was positive,but i tried putting 2 different credit cards in and every time it would not allow me to, saying that i had info wrong, to try again. i tried a dozen time, even ask my wife to make i had the right info. i c cleared cache, and uninstalled and reinstalled! whatever else can i do? pls fix or explain whats going on.


Wouldnt refill prescriptions and now wont even let me sign in. Worthless. If I could have given 0 stars I would have.


(1st:) *BRING BACK SAVINGS CATCHER!!*🙏🙏 Great barcode scanner options. I love how the app keeps kinda like a log of things that you have purchased and options to reorder your products that were listed on your previous receipts. I love how I can see the comparison between Walmart online vs. my local or favorite store, plus as soon as I launch the app it locates me automatically when Im in the store and which location! *BRING BACK SAVINGS CATCHER!*


I ordered over 50 photos for an album that is to be a gift...go to checkout, and it says I have no internet connection and wont let me order the photos that i spent HOURS picking, editing and sizing!!! This Update S#$kS A$$!!!


App easy to use. shopped the store for many years and now enjoy shopping over the net.GOOD QUALITY MERCHANDISE. EXCELLENT SERVICE ?.


Terrible! Pharmacy needs a standalone app. This one is missing everything that makes it convenient to refill Rxs.


Wanted to order my gf something online so she could pick it up. She was literally in the store & I tried to check the in store pick up option but the "delivery fee" still appeared it was not user friendly at all


Certainly appreciate Walmart for offering most merchandise at affordable prices and delivery on a 2 day turn around at no additional cost. For a disabled senior citizen I am very approachable for Walmart.


really wish there was a way to cancel pick up orders. it doesnt return after a week. Ive had to contact Walmart everytime and ask for a refund. my store always takes at least 20 minutes to get my pick up order. 2 day delivery is never 2 days. going elsewhere now


every time I shop I look 4 Maxwell instant coffee & every time they are out of stock.then when they do have it they r small jars and I have to buy 4 o 5 jars .Please order larger jars and order more .you know u run out of it so it must sell.or Im gonna start shopping elsewhere thank you


I downloaded this app exclusively for the use of paying for my prescriptions. I cannot add a payment option though. It keeps giving me an error message. I would give it five stars if this wasnt the case. Ive tried multiple times on different days with multiple different cards. Nothing works.


Great app. Ive ordered items for delivery without issue...and Walmart Pay is the best when Im in the store! So easy to use and I love being able to track my purchases through the e-receipts.


I placed a order for a 24 foot round pool after it was 1 week late I called was told they had no idea were it was so,it was canceled and a new one ordered and lol they lost this one. did they offer any compensation for my trouble. no I will give it two more days then ask for a refund,then all the pool stuff I ordered and came ups. I will need to take up to Walmart store to get money back. Walmart you are not looking good.


I cant remove anything from or delete any lists? Even when I go onto my account through the website it still wont let me.


I do not like the newest update. I use Walmart pay to avoid carrying my cards. Now I still have to keep them on me because they ask for my security code EVERY TIME. Whats the point in having it now that they got rid of savings catcher and I still have to carry my cards with me?


Seldom correct. Shows items out of stock that are in stock & vice versa. Shows items in one aisle when theyre nowhere near that aisle.


the whole Im not a robot thing is broken which dont allows me to log in,meaning i can not use app. Fix it cause its a waste.


Walmart will happily sell you a cellphone, but they stopped selling batteries for that cellphone! Theyre telling me I now have to drive to Chattanooga to buy one. Im 72, fat chance thatll happen. Im thinking of going back to using a landline!