{22+ Working} Lyft Promo Codes August 2019

Lyft Promo Codes August 2019

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Lyft Promo Codes August 2019

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Prices vary based on market condition. By downloading the app, you agree (i) to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device’s language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

CPUC ID No. TCP0032513-P
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The app charge an incorrect credit card (my personal card instead of an employer-paid commuter card) on one of my rides. When I reported this to Lyft, they refused to acknowledge there is a bug in their system, and stated they wont do anything to resolve this mistake.


your drive arr so dump please. really quick i need to speak for help costumer please iam in a trouble she didnt end our trip and she take more more money and shr stop the trip in her home and we lose money please i need costumer service please


Apparently you need a minimum of two credit cards at the same address to use Lyft. Even though I entered my first CC details they still wanted a second CC from the same address. The most recent time i tried it, it just wouldnt find me a ride. Im all honesty Uber is just so much easier.


It is reliable most times and they pick you up from your location, which is convenient. thanks


First Of All I love Lyft..Cheaper Than A DUI..But Always Fast..Even At 2am..Better Than Any Cab Company..I Dont Even See Elite Taxi Any Where..


sometimes Lyft is great but sometimes the return trip cost more than it was to get there instead of less money.


this app wil charge you for absolutely everything. the drivers sometimes just dont turn up and end up spending a fiver every time you then cancel them after 20+ minutes of them messing around. the charged me 15 dollars to get my sunglasses back that i left in the car by accident. seriously just use uber. so much easier although slightly more expensive


App is extremely unreliable, as are drivers, there are straight up just people who will sit there and never show up. Im now late to work because two drivers in a row were just sitting there. Both Lyft and Uber are a huge waste of time and money but Lyfts indifference towards the consumer is slightly more apparent. Find a friend with a car or walk, dont give this app your money.


Within hours of signing up for this program I started getting strange robocalls and cold calls from scammers. Ive also had people calling me claiming that I was calling them multiple Ive also had people calling me claiming that I was calling them multiple to try and scam them. Either the app is extremely Shady or I never had issues with telemarketers and scammers before signing up for Lyft.


Berore login and using ride, why you need credit card number? It should be optional. Thats why I uninstall the application.


everything is good BUT they make sure its impossible to reach support, they purposely place you on extended hopd times, i was a big fan of lyft untill i tried to reach support this is horrible


well, I was trying to get my ride! I was trying really hard to get ride, so after awhile I got tired of trying; then I go Uber. but also every single time they are asking me to pay $9.99 for 10% off of my rides. So let me tell you that I do have Uber as the best option. Note I do have screenshots of my claims


l DONT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL. I talked with one of Lyft drivers and he explained to me how they suffering while working with Lyft. Imagine they took almost 50% of the ride fee and sometimes more especially when the ride short! While they didnt offer anything, just using the App. Moreover, they stolen their cancellation fee in many times for this and/or that reason. Therefore l decided to STOP dealing with them completely because l dont like there roles especially how they treated their driver.


I just want to say how AWESOME Lyft is! Anytime I have had a problem with a driver, which has only happened twice in the year that Ive been using Lyft, they resolve the problem quickly. Awesome customer service! Thanks Lyft for everything.


trash. the company is trash . I see why drivers went on strike . i hope your stock continues to drop. you are a bunch of scammers


I bought a new phone in March. with the new phone, I also received a new phone number. my first attempt to start an account ran into a phone number conflict. the previous owner of my number signed up for Lyft. because the number was already being used on an active account, it took many emails in order to get to a starting point to sign up. account security is very important and it is a bad idea to ID people by the phone # because tomorrow # may belong to someone else.


Update: It feels as if there was a mass exodus of drivers. it doesnt seem to matter what time of day you order your ride, there are no drivers within the area. Within the past month it has only gotten worse. they saw pick up times are 2-3 minutes then ten minutes later youre still waiting for your ride to arrive. 5/16/19 unreliable. sometimes its great, but most the time the app isnt working. it needs to be updated or something. i have the up to date version but it doesnt feel like a fix.


lyft would be a much better app if they provided the accurate time estimates when the lyft driver shows up so both sides can cancel appropriately when the driver is too far away. it is bad for the driver because they are wasting gas and struggling through traffic and it degrades trust with the users because they cant count on the time estimates. i will raise my score for lyft when this is fixed.


i had one bad experince this morning with the driver his name was daniel he was lost and i talk to him and told him drive around i was outside he never came around and when i contacted him again his phone went to voice mail i never want him again everybody else i been riding with i never had no problems with the other drivers they were awesome


at first it was good within last 2-3 months the app is trash i have to tell my driver where i. going, more then 5 times i have waited fro my driver to turn there phone on and off for the app to work correctly waiting from 10 - 25 mins at a time more then once they have charged me for the same ride tiwce i rather wait and extra 10 mins for uber which is cheaper i have noticed i get a ride 2 dollars cheaper using uber lyft always wants to take tou the extra mile and the driver dont even get as much