{21+ Working} Hotwire Promo Codes August 2019

Hotwire Promo Codes August 2019

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Here it is: The Android App for Smartphones and Tablets, now with Data Logging!

Now you can use your Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 HotWire to connect your Tekin Speed Control to your Android Smartphone or Tablet and make adjustments, anywhere, at any time. The HotWire App gives you the edge with mobility and unparalleled accessibility; plug in, tune, and drive.

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The HotWire App lets you make your adjustments on the fly, no programming card, no running back to the pits. Simply plug into the Ez port® with the HotWire, make adjustments, apply the settings, done. It’s that simple!

Wondering how you can squeeze some extra performance out of your setup? The new version of the HotWire App lets you view run time Data Logs from any Gen2 or Gen3 Tekin Speed Control, so you can now get immediate feedback on any setup changes that you make.

And it’s still FREE!!

Requirements: -Android OS 3.1 to 7.0 -Tekin HotWire 2.0 (TT1450) or Tekin HotWire 3.0 (TT1452) -Tekin Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 Speed Control* ** -USB OTG Cable (varies with device) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled device*** -Data logging available only on Gen2/Gen3 Speed Controls -HotWire App runs in Demo Mode without HotWire device

*HotWire 2.0 and HotWire 3.0 works over USB with RX8 Gen1/Gen2/Gen3, RS Gen1/Gen2, RS Spec, RSX, RX4, FX/FXR, B1/B1R.

**HotWire 3.0 works over BLE with RX8 Gen2/Gen3, RS Gen2, RS Spec, RSX, RX4 and requires that the ESC have Firmware version 255 or greater installed.

***At install, the HotWire App will inspect your device and determine if it has the required hardware to run the USB or BLE enable version of the app. Keep in mind that some Android devices possess the required hardware, but the device manufacturer has elected to disable the feature in the Operating System. If the HotWire App fails to function on your device, first call our support line so that we can try to assist you. Please DO NOT post negative reviews, understand that it is not our fault that some Android device manufacturers choose to limit the ability of the device that they have built and sold to you. Thanks, we truly want the HotWire App to work flawlessly, everywhere, and we are committed to doing so wherever possible!
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Connecting to esc through Bluetooth iffy at best.