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✌️✌️ -- the world’s fastest and safest DNS resolver -- ✌️✌️, the privacy-first DNS resolver is now available on the go. No one should be able to snoop 🔍 on what you do on the Internet. We’ve created so that you can connect to the Internet securely anytime, anywhere.

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Greater privacy 🔒 By using a secure connection, makes sure no one can snoop your DNS queries. Some ISPs use DNS queries to sell your data. Cloudflare will never sell your data or use it to target ads. Period.

Fastest way to experience the Internet 🚀 makes the Internet faster by using Cloudflare’s global network. On average, we are more than 25% faster than the next fastest public resolver.

Easy to use ✌️ One-touch setup to make your Internet more safe and private. Install it today, get faster Internet, it’s that simple.

Best of all: No upsells, no in-app purchases, and free for life. Website owners pay us to make your Internet faster so you don’t have to.
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This app is well designed and very easy to use. However, I had a strange experience with this app. When this app is enabled, it slowed down my download speeds quite a bit. But the app increased my uploaded speeds by almost double. So when uploading I will use this app, but will have to turn it off when downloading.


I dont know why,but my internet speed is same a before i use this app. Dont know why? Can Help It?


great fast and easy, but It stops me from downloading and updating anything from the play store. If this gets fixed I will certainly give a 5 star review!!!


At first it was doing its job, but after a while it literally slowed down my internet so I had to stop it... (I live in Bulgaria, maybe that has something to do with it)


love this app. Only good one with no blatant adware. But until recently newer update battery optimization has been pretty bad compare to previous version. My device would get hot just by using this app.


Cant say Ive noticed any gain. It has pushed battery usage through the roof and I am finding that the occasional site wont resolve. Disabling for now, its not working well.


very easy to connect, no comment and no complaints, just one tab and its already connected, no ads makes it really good, thank you for developing this application developers, keep up the good work


It works well when connected to Wifi. However, when Im using my mobile data it causes my internet to not work at all. This has been a persistent problem from when i got the app through all the updates as well.


Battery usage exceeding the best of games is a show-stopper for me, checked, rebooted, retried, updated and yet with it running battery drians at a rate that could even set a new industry standard in battery testing. maybe issue with phone/os combo, maybe not. I will say though that havihg 0% battery makes any phone secure online. with that in mind, I offer 3*s. Will check again next update.


Flawed implementation of non automatic DNS. It really doesnt work consistently with Android and frequently blocks connectivity of many apps. Tested on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Id stick with at router specific level which works fine, but skip this app..


love the concept and it works well. however I found it like to drain the batter so uninstalling for a while. maybe after a few updates it will get better.


Excellent and easy way to speed up your wifi / internet while increasing your privacy. For those questioning how they make money, Cloudlfare wrote an entire blog post about it, but Ill sum it up here. Cloudflare already operates a masive server network for their authorative DNS service (which companies like Discord and IBM pay to use). It takes very little resources to add recursive DNS (, and offering serves as a marketing tool: this helps to get Cloudflares name out there.


Battery Drain, It drained from 100% to 12% overnight. This apps usage showed 70% power drain. I like the app for getring around blocks. But sometimes I have to turn it off for internet to connect. It would be 5 star if it didnt power drain.


i love the app and it works great, most of the time even switching itself back on after ive been using my vpn. however the battry drain is quite substantial. its in split tunnel mode and regularly uses 30-40% of my battery. this is the only downside i have to this app.


Verizon Pixel 3 XL. Ive found that the performance is hit or miss. Sometimes pages will flat out fail to load, so I turn off the app. Then pages instantly load. The pages time out due to a DNS failure per Firefox. Ive got it turned off right now.


I like the idea, but mutiple things dont work when it is enabled. E.g.. Google play store apps wont update until I turn it off. So for now, the inconvenience is more than the benefit.


The new notification toggle doesnt sit in aesthetically. please revert it back to the logo. 5 stars for performance for sure!


when I turn this on, I cannot access the internet or brows etc. I havent touched the setting I left it how it was when I 1st installed and it was working fine. but the last 2 updates has stopped it from working for me. I am using Samsung s9 on three


I dont find improvement in speed. IP address on Whats my IP still the same. Not sure if Cloudflare is just collecting data. Not sure whats really the advantage is in using this app. If Cloudflare is really trying to help, they can do more


Best app of this type. I can navigate on the internet faster , safer and more secure , I love it. Keep up the good work!