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Note:- We are also Using Bluehost  Hosting For our Website it is Really working well.  As Compare to Godaddy , Hostpapa , Hostgator , Digital Ocean, Dreamhost , Amazon Web Hosting. I just tried Approx 10 Hosting Provider but at end. I am using Blue Host. If You Need Any information Related to website. Please Feel Free and Contact With us anytime 

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Email- Yashishsaini@gmail.com


The Best web Hosting only Rs. 259 Rs. 239/mo

  • Unlimited domains
  • Hosting space
  • Bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Powerful Reseller Hosting Starting at Rs.1,699 per month

  • Unlimited Domains
  • With WHMCS
  • Powered by WHM, cPanel & Plesk

Next-Gen VPS Hosting Starting at Rs.1,199 per month

  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo
    & CentOS

Get started with a Bluehost and a shiny new domain, Plus give a call (855-803-8158) to discuss domain options.


When was the last time you looked at page two of your search results? 70% of Internet users click on one of the first three links on page one of their search results.
SEO refers to the work you can do to optimize your position on search result pages. Watch this video for tips on how to improve your site rank and increase traffic to your site.

How to Speed Up BlueHost Page Load Times

If your website takes as long as four seconds to load, you can expect up to 25% of users to abandon it and 79% of these users won’t return to your site. On top of that, 44% of these unhappy potential customers will share their poor experience with friends. This is a great example of how important user experience is to your bottom line—it’s not simply about good-looking design; it’s about acquiring and retaining customers. Plus, Google penalizes websites that don’t load quickly.That’s how important the user experience is.

Improvement: If you’re unsure about your website’s performance, you can run a free page speed test with a number of simple tools, like Web Page Test or Google Page Speed Insights. These sites not only analyze the loading time of your pages but also give you specific suggestions for improving them.

How to Protect Your Site Against Hackers?

Up-to-Date Scripts and Installations

Hacks are most commonly compromised through existing scripts, such as plugins or other third party extensions. These are generally not thoroughly tested and hackers can scan domains for any sites using these known vulnerable scripts to gain access. To prevent attacks, limit the use of plugins and extensions and delete the files of any that you do not need.

Preventative Installations

Installing firewall protection software is also very helpful. SiteLock is helpful for both protection and malware removal. It scans daily for malware and SQL injections, has automated malware removal, blacklist monitoring, reputation management with major browsers and search engines, and also checks for out-of-date scripts on your site.

Blue Host Sales: 91-22-67209006

Blue Host Support: 0824-661-4333

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the world’s most simple and popular content management systems or CMS for short. This means you provide the content while the platform does all of the codings and organizing for you.If you’re looking for the right web builder to get your website started, WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress is an open source website creation project, which means there are hundreds of volunteers all around the world working to improve the platform every day. It also means it’s free to use without paying a licensing fee.

There’s an important difference between using WordPress.com and the self-hosted WordPress.org. We recommend using WordPress.org because although it requires you to use a domain and web hosting site, it means you’ll be in complete control over your content. You can use custom themes and plugins, your site will be ad-free and you can use custom analytic tools that work better than the ones that come with WordPress.com.

How to Getting Started with  WordPress?

One of the major benefits of using WordPress is its versatility. You can use it for your portfolio or for your Fortune 500 business – it’s that flexible. The key to this flexibility lies in the themes you can choose. Themes are free templates that give your site the certain look and feel you want to achieve, and there are thousands to choose from.

WordPress is also extremely user-friendly. It’s easy to change something on your site, and you won’t need to rely on a webmaster to make the changes on his or her time because you can do it yourself in seconds. Also, you don’t need to learn the programming language HTML because the WordPress software script does that for you!

It only takes a few minutes to install the WordPress software script on your computer. Once it’s installed, you can create your web page quickly without needing to learn HTML – something that would have taken you months, if not years, to perfect.

After you pick a free theme, there are thousands of plugins you can choose from in order to further customize your site. Plugins are pieces of software you can install to add functionality to your site. Some of the best and most common plugins we recommend include Akismet, BackWPup and All in One SEO. Akismet ensures the comments you receive on your site aren’t actually harmful spam! BackWPup allows regular backups of your site so you don’t lose any precious content in case something goes wrong. All in One SEO helps optimize your blog posts or content for search engines. There are thousands of useful plugins available through WordPress, so feel free to browse and choose which functions will work best for your site.

Because WordPress is open source, there are new advancements and improvements daily. This constantly evolving system was created by a community of members devoted to making the platform the best option bar none for people who want to start their own website. If you use the self-hosted WordPress.org, you will be responsible for the updates, but they only take one click. Easy enough!

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    Signing up takes only minutes and is entirely free.

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How it works Bluehost Affiliate?

Bluehost Affiliate  By driving customers to sign up at Bluehost, you will receive $65.00 per referral. What could be better than offering a great service to those that visit your website, and making a healthy sum on the side for doing so? You send them our way, we’ll do the rest.

  • Proven Performance

    Advertisements are designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into sales. A wide selection of tested creative ensures you can choose effective banners that best match your website.

  • Reliable Tracking

    Designed affiliate system and integrated it directly into website infrastructure. Not only does this provide extremely accurate tracking, but it also lets us offer the detailed insight into your efforts, including click-through ratios, conversion rates, and commission payments.

  • Customization Campaigns

    Built our system to facilitate unique campaigns. Simply append your tracking link with a campaign name to automatically segment your referred traffic. This makes it easy to measure and improve efforts across web pages, different websites, social media, and more.

Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Domain.com, A Small Orange, MOJO Marketplace and ResellerClub

Bluehost is a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. Currently powering over 2 million websites worldwide, this hosting giant has now launched in India.

This launch guarantees you receive a world-class service, based on over 10 years of experience and constant advancement in web products. Our comprehensive customer interface allows you to establish a strong web presence for yourself, at affordable prices and in the least amount of time. Bluehost India’s user-friendly sign-up process and robust infrastructure allow for a hassle-free set up for your online identity. Blue Host dedicated support team is always available to assist you over the phone, chat or mail, should you face any chic-cups on your way to becoming a leading online business.

Bluehost India is part of the Endurance International Group of business. Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) helps small and medium-sized business owners establish, manage and grow their businesses by harnessing the power and promise of the web. As a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions to help small and medium-sized business owners succeed online, Endurance, through its family of brands – including Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Domain.com, A Small Orange, MOJO Marketplace and ResellerClub – supports over 3.8 million subscribers and is able to tailor solutions for small businesses at every stage and level of sophistication.

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BluehostBluehost is one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services powering millions of websites. Join Bluehost now and get a FREE domain name!

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